Neck Pain Stories

Neck Pain Stories


How Your Neck Pain Could Feel – How others felt before and after visiting                                                                                                  us at ChiroPractical



I first visited ChiroPractical as the tension in my neck and upper back was affecting my day to day activities.  I had regular headaches, low energy and the feeling someone was standing on my back all the time.  Sarah’s holistic and educational approach to chiropractic has relieved all of my symptoms.

J. Rennison  –  Health Care Assistant



I underwent Chiropractic treatment principally in regard to neck pain and stiffness from a neck injury incurred several years ago.  There was a marked improvement after my first session with Sarah; which has continued with subsequent visits.

I was a little sceptical, but would recommend trying out Chiropractic treatment – it worked well for me!

Anthony Anderson, 47  –  Managing Director  –  Redhill



Sarah took over from my previous Chiropractor when he moved abroad and from the first appointment I have felt comfortable and at ease with the treatment.  She is very knowledgeable and is constantly updating her knowledge base.  Sarah is very intuitive in finding where the problem is (she has often found a niggle I didn’t know I had!).

I have had joint pain and stiffness for a number of years, particularly in my neck and arms.  I was diagnosed with Lupus nine years ago and put many of my symptoms down to that.

One problem I have been suffering with is a nagging pain in my neck and through my shoulder, which has defied many attempts to release it and Sarah cracked it! (Pun intended!)  I am now virtually pain-free and sleeping much better.  Thank you!!

Pain and restriction of movement in my wrist has been a constant source of annoyance for many years and I have tried everything including acupuncture!  Sarah has been working painstakingly on my right wrist, which I am delighted to say now has more movement and less pain than it has had since my late teens.

I have absolutely no qualms in recommending Sarah and ChiroPractical.  It is a pleasure to be treated by her.

Kathy Clifton, 45  –  Kitchen Designer  –  Billingshurst



I have been suffering with pain in my neck and jaw for 3-4 months and have been needing to take painkillers on a regular basis.  After my first treatment from Sarah I noticed a huge improvement and have not taken any painkillers since that time.  Sarah also gave me exercises to do and the combination of her treatment sessions and the exercises over 2 months has now made me painfree.

Sarah has also been able to rectify my shoulder and back problems.  I have found Sarah to be extremely pleasant and friendly at all times and found her very reassuring.  I would definitely recommend her to anyone, wholeheartedly.

Julia Banks, 60  –  Midwife  –  Billingshurst



I had been suffering from neck and shoulder pain for about two years. My movement in my neck was restricted, especially if looking to my right. Plus, this stiffness in my neck was giving me headaches – not at all comfortable. I consulted my doctor, she suggested that I see a Chiropractor and I made an appointment with Sarah McNeil at ChiroPractical.

After three treatments there was a big improvement in my neck and shoulders; the headaches were nowhere as frequent and I had more movement in my neck that I haven’t had for a long time. I would not hesitate to recommend anyone to see Sarah at ChiroPractical.

Alan Collyer – Fishing and Archery – Engineering – Billingshurst