Shoulder and Arm Stories

How your Shoulders and Arms could feel before and after Treatment


Sarah, many thanks for your professional expertise in treating my shoulder: it has been a lot better since you treated me.

I was surprised that she could tell I was getting headaches whilst treating my neck and shoulder.

When I saw her for an unrelated back problem, causing me difficulty in walking, she also did a fantastic job.

J.D. Fryer, 62 – House Cleaner



After an accident at work in which I damaged my shoulder I came to ChiroPractical to help work out the ‘kinks’. After a few short sessions, I’m already feeling the benefits!!! The aches and pains are going and the exercises and advice Sarah has given are working wonders.

I’ve already recommended her to a few friends!

Dan Adami, 24 – Butcher – Pulborough



I have found Sarah’s method of treatment the most effective of all those that I have tried with the aim of reducing the pain and stiffness in my shoulder which became frozen after a car accident. My shoulder has eased up and become much less painful after only a few gentle treatments.

Just being able to move your body is soo good!

Nadine Tozer – Tutor – Billingshurst



Sarah took over from my previous Chiropractor when he moved abroad and from the first appointment I have felt comfortable and at ease with the treatment. She is very knowledgeable and is constantly updating her knowledge base. Sarah is very intuitive in finding where the problem is (she has often found a niggle I didn’t know I had!).

I have had joint pain and stiffness for a number of years, particularly in my neck and arms. I was diagnosed with Lupus nine years ago and put many of my symptoms down to that.

One problem I have been suffering with is a nagging pain in my neck and through my shoulder, which has defied many attempts to release it and Sarah cracked it! (Pun intended!) I am now virtually pain-free and sleeping much better. Thank you!!

Pain and restriction of movement in my wrist has been a constant source of annoyance for many years and I have tried everything including acupuncture! Sarah has been working painstakingly on my right wrist, which I am delighted to say now has more movement and less pain than it has had since my late teens.

I have absolutely no qualms in recommending Sarah and ChiroPractical. It is a pleasure to be treated by her.

Kathy Clifton, 45 – Kitchen Designer – Billingshurst