Can I Adjust Myself?

Can I Adjust Myself?


Many people think they can ‘adjust’ themselves.  But unfortunately, even a qualified chiropractor finds that very hard to do (believe me, I know!).

It might feel good when you force a click out of a joint, but what you’ll more than likely be doing is getting a hypermobile joint to move even more.  Not the one that actually needs the adjustment.


What is a Hypermobile Joint?

This is a joint that is moving more than it’s designed to do.


What Happens When I ‘Adjust’ Myself?

Beads are Straight

I used to work in a Clinic where they had a very effective model.  It was simply a load of wooden beads on a long, narrow spring.

When you bend the spring, all the gaps between the beads open up equally.  This is representative of what happens in your spine.  Any movement we do is dispersed along a wide area.  It doesn’t just happen in one, isolated place.

But 3 of these beads are stuck together.  They represent the joints in your spine that are stiff and that where we, as Chiropractors, would adjust.  When you bend the spring, these ‘joints’ don’t move.  The gaps don’t open up.

The beads move along the whole length, not just in one spot.


Your body is AMAZING, though, always adapting to what we ask it to do.  In this scenario, the joints NEXT to the stiff and uncomfortable joints open up more, in order to compensate.  So, can you guess which joints >pop< when you ‘adjust’ yourself?  (It might help if you read this blog.)


Yes, the joints that >pop< when you ‘adjust’ yourself, are those that are already moving too much.  So it doesn’t affect the joint that would benefit.  And, within a short space of time, you want to crack it again. And again…

Why Shouldn’t I ‘Adjust’ Myself?

Well, firstly can you see why it won’t actually help?  Not for more than 20 minutes anyway (the time it takes for the gases to redissolve).

It won’t get the stiff joints moving; despite the temporary relief.

And if you think about the cartilage in your joints, if they’re moving too much, then surely you’re inviting wear and tear on surfaces that are being used more?  Yet aren’t designed for that kind of movement.


So, What Will You Do Next Time You Want to ‘Crack’?

Take a pause, do you REALLY need to do it?  Try to hold off for as long as possible!

And to help with the discomfort of that stiff joint make sure you have your next Chiropractic adjustment in the diary!  I know when I find myself wanting ‘adjust’ myself, it’s time to go and see my chiropractor!  ?

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