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What IS Chiropractic?

What IS Chiropractic?


What should I choose? Where will my further education take me? Physiotherapy? Chiropractic? Somewhere else?

When I chose to study Chiropractic it wasn’t something most people had heard of, let alone knew anything about. So it was only after watching several Chiropractors at work that I understood a little more; or I thought I did.

Many people would describe the treatment as pretty forceful and I can’t deny it certainly looks uncomfortable to have it done. Thankfully it’s not, but many of my friends would testify I have a hidden ‘violent’ streak which can come in handy when the effort needed for an adjustment is more than a little nudge or some gentle soft tissue work.

So, what IS Chiropractic?

Chiropractic looks at the function of the musculoskeletal system. This consists of your bones, nerves, muscles and connective tissue.  And this system makes up a whooping 60% of your body.

The muscular and skeletal systems (making up the musculoskeletal system)

The aim of Chiropractic is to locate dysfunction of any joint/s (aka subluxations) and with treatment (usually adjustments) help your body’s natural healing ability to restore the joint to it’s ideal position. This allows proper movement, reduces inflammation and removes interference to the nervous system which may be being compressed.

The nervous system controls every tissue, organ and system of your body, so you can see that Chiropractic has the potential to influence everything that your body does.  And all without drugs or surgery.

Sounds easy right? But it takes 4 years full-time training to recognise all that’s needed to qualify and register as a Chiropractor. Thankfully after graduating in 2005 (it can’t REALLY be that long ago, can it?!) I still fully believe in what I can do and how Chiropractic can help people. I’ve seen SO many people’s lives be improved, and stay there. I hope I can help many, many more.

If there’s anything else you’d like to know, then just ask here.