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Health Advice From Trees

Health Advice From Trees





GO NATIVE – Plant trees where they are naturally suited to the soil and environment.

Sunset through the Trees

= Go with what you’re good at and enjoy. Allow yourself to truly flourish!


ENJOY THE BEAUTY OF NATURE…  the fresh air, the views, the outdoors in general.

= Be Grateful and appreciate for what you have.




FIND YOUR OWN PATH – keep clear of the weeds and competition.

= Find your own tribe and avoid what doesn’t suit you.


Strike Your Own Path

ALLOW ROOM for the roots and branches to spread without causing damage.

= Be who you are and allow room for growth, without hindering others.



OPEN SPACES encourage different habitats and increased biodiversity

= Allow everyone the freedom to be who they are. (Variety IS the spice of life!)




Trees need the right Nutrition and Plenty of Water

DRINK PLENTY of water and get plenty of light – don’t plant trees too close to other trees or hedges.

= Drink plenty of water. Don’t hinder those around you (None of us want stunted growth).


KEEP the use of chemicals MINIMAL.  And use them correctly.

= Eat well – your body is a finely tuned machine.  Supplement when needed.




USE a GUARD or stake etc when necessary.

= We all need help (or propping up) from time to time. Whether that be physically or by your tribe.  Accept it with grace.


REACH for the STARS (or at least our one) to get the most Sunlight …and best view.

= Stand tall. (The easiest piece of chiropractic advice!)  ?




WORK WITH THE SEASONS – Plant during the planting season (November-March).

= Relearn Your Limitations. And… make the most of whenever you are in life.

Big Trees Grow from Little Acorns


START SMALL – it’s much less stress to move/plant trees when they’re small.

= Start by making small changes.



Allow SOLID ROOTS to form.  Start small and keep them growing.

= Allow those small changes to become good habits. Practice makes Perfect, after all.




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The Bone-y Basics of Arthritis

The Bone-y Basics of Arthritis

What is Arthritis?   Arthritis is something that we have all heard of and will all have to deal at some point in our life.  But what IS it? Let’s start with a look at the word itself.  Arthritis comes from Greek arthr- which means ‘joint’ and -itis indicating that there’s inflammation.  So, arthr-itis literally… Continue Reading

What IS a ‘Joint’?

What IS a ‘Joint’?

  We talk about joints all the time.  And I’m probably right in thinking you’re now picturing a joint that represents the most common one find in your body – the Synovial Joint.  But did you know there are other types too?  Each with their own unique qualities.  But First…   What IS a ‘Joint’?… Continue Reading

What is “MusculoSkeletal”?

What is “MusculoSkeletal”?

      Musculoskeletal isn’t the easiest word to say, is it?  (Try mus-kyo-lo-skel-e-tal.)  ? Translated, it literally means ‘relating to the muscles and skeleton’.  But you could probably guess that, right?  Let’s look at the two components separately:       The Skeleton The Skeleton is the hard part of our body.  It’s made… Continue Reading

“Chronic” – What’s Your Definition?

“Chronic” – What’s Your Definition?

  Are you one of the many, just like many I’ve seen in the clinic, who would describe a pain as ‘Chronic’? If you are I assume your definition would be something like: Chronic: A nagging pain, possibly ‘boring’, which never really let’s up. It’s annoying and not very ignorable. But how SHOULD you be… Continue Reading

Why Could You Feel Tired After Your Adjustment?

Why Could You Feel Tired After Your Adjustment?

  When you get up from the bench after your adjustment, the best that will happen is you’ll feel fantastic.  Many people describe feeling ‘light’ (which always makes me think of the old Quavers advert “Ohh, the floaty light”, but anyway…).  They feel their movement is free-er or they can stand a little taller. A… Continue Reading

Can I Adjust Myself?

Can I Adjust Myself?

  Many people think they can ‘adjust’ themselves.  But unfortunately, even a qualified chiropractor finds that very hard to do (believe me, I know!). It might feel good when you force a click out of a joint, but what you’ll more than likely be doing is getting a hypermobile joint to move even more.  Not… Continue Reading

What’s an Adjustment?

What’s an Adjustment?

  Chiropractors are mostly known for ‘adjusting’ the spine. But what does that mean and why would you do it?   To get to the basics, Chiropractic looks at the joints within the spine and wants them to move as best they can.  If they aren’t moving well, then the nerves that leave the spine… Continue Reading