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COVID-19 – An Uninvited Guest

COVID-19 – An Uninvited Guest


Well, this COVID-19 is definitely persistent.  I’m not quite sure it’s the friend I want to stick around.  But we are definitely having to accommodate to him just now, aren’t we!?


COVID-19: An Uninvited Guest

COVID’s arrival was just like an uninvited guest – and the plans we had, simply had to go out the window.  I was meant to be going to see my brother in the States as lockdown started.

Unfortunately, America closed their border to the UK the morning I was flying so I didn’t make it!  I know there are many more stories like that out there. ☹  But we will get the opportunity to do all those trips again (maybe we’ll appreciate it just that little bit more!?).

But this uninvited guest is NOT leaving.  So, in the meantime, we need to make up the spare bedroom and give it a good tidy!


Our ‘Spare Room’ adaptations

Here are ChiroPractical, I have read everything I can about what is needed to head off COVID-19 (it took a while).


If you’ve been in for treatment already, you’ll know that both I and the Clinic look a little different.


Clinic Changes

There’s not too much here, but I’ve moved things around to make it work.  I’ve put some signs up to help guide you to where will keep you safest.  And I’ve put some things away so there’s less cleaning to do!



It doesn't matter what kind of face covering you wear

Washing your hands and wearing a face covering when you enter is an absolute must, so you’re guided to the toilets straight away.

Paper towels (so any bugs go straight in the bin and aren’t passed on) are on a new cabinet.  Clean face coverings are there too for if you haven’t brought your own.


Waiting Area

I’ve allowed extra time between each treatment session, so there shouldn’t be any waiting around.  But if you do need to wait the seats have been moved, meaning you don’t have to pass anyone unnecessarily.


My “COVID-19 Uniform”

Following the all the recommendations means I will be wearing a mask the whole of your visit.

When it comes to treatment I will clean my hands and put on gloves (I’m happy to say I’ve managed to find biodegradable ones!).  And then put paper coach covering on the bench instead of the usual towels.

I won’t be wearing a disposable apron as I don’t want to put all that plastic into the environment.  Instead I will be wearing one of several “COVID-19 Uniforms” I’ve bought.  And I change between each patient.  They then get taken home, in a sealed container, ready for a hot wash!


Spray Bottle and Microfibre cloth for cleaning

The Great COVID-19 Wipe-Down

After each patient leaves I then wipe down everything with anti-bac/anti-viral spray.

Ready for the next invited guest.



Air Particles

Lastly, it seems to be the case that the Corona virus is passed on in droplets in the air.  Because of this there are a few things I am doing in the Clinic.  I am:

1  leaving the treatment room door open to allow more ventilation;

2  using a diffuser to pump tiny water particles into the air.  This means any small particles get heavier quicker and fall out of the air sooner;

3  putting a couple of drops of an essential oil mix (with anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties) in the diffuser water.  It smells pretty good, too ?



So, although this is an uninvited guest, I think I’ve got my ‘Spare Room’ pretty sorted!

…Doesn’t mean I won’t be happy when he leaves, though ?



I’m open again for treatment, so when you’re ready I’d love to get you booked in for a check-up – Get in touch, now!

See you soon