Why Sarah Does Chiropractic?

Why Sarah Does Chiropractic?

Why Does Sarah Do Chiropractic?

We’ve all been there – deciding which direction to take.  What to carry on with and what to drop and leave behind.  One of the first times we have to do this is choosing our O-levels or maybe, as in my case, our GCSEs.  I was always a ‘scientist’ but making my GCSE choices were limited for science which didn’t make picking one of the humanities or a language any easier.

What I do remember in this process was being asked what I wanted to do as a job.  And I had NO idea!  All I could say was that I wanted to be able to help people or animals.

Obviously, my parents started thinking along the lines of doctor, vet, nurse.  But my next sentence stopped them in their tracks – I wasn’t giving injections!  Now what?

I remember having several chats with the school’s career’s advice team and they suggested Physiotherapy.  From there my work experience week was organised.

Giving It A Go

I spent a week in the Physiotherapy Dept. of Mount Vernon Hospital where my aunt was working at the time.  But at the end of that week, having watched the Physios get their patients to simply move their wrist back and forth 20-30 times with no hands-on work, I decided Physiotherapy simply wasn’t for me.  I wanted to DO something.

Then comes the bit that I don’t recall, at all.  SOMEONE mentioned ‘Chiropractic’.  I must have looked it up as hardly anyone knew anything about it.  And it used primarily the Doctor (of Chiropractic)’s hands to influence the body and help it work and feel better.  Having been someone who did several, intricate handicrafts, this sounded fantastic.  I was on board.

University Study

My brain was whirling, how could i make this work?
“I want to BE someone, not a cog in a machine”

Unfortunately, when it came to learning Chiropractic the only place to do it was private and the tuition fees themselves put it “off limits”.  So, I had to change tack.  I achieved a BSc (Hons) in Applied and Analytical Chemistry and worked in a pharmaceutical company for 4 years.  Then I couldn’t resist it any longer, I really did want to do Chiropractic.  I wanted to BE something, not just work for someone and be a cog in a machine.

I went and shadowed several chiropractors to make sure I was totally up for this ‘new’ career.  It looked fabulous!  Having people come in in pain and leave feeling easier, it was like magic!  Thankfully another course had started at the Welsh institute of Chiropractic.  So, I worked out all the costings and I signed up.  I had an unconditional offer months before I handed my notice in, I was so happy – but I couldn’t tell anyone!


Now, anyone who knows me soon finds out I’m a Chiropractor and I can shout it from the rooftops when I feel like it.  And, with any luck all my ChiroPractical guests realise that too!  ?


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