Here’s what some of our guests have to say…

Here’s what some of our guests have to say…


How You Could Feel the Improvements



Sarah’s fingers can be compared to a gardener’s green fingers.  She unnervingly finds the cause of the pain without delay.

Miss J.M. Burns, 75  –  Retiree  –  Artistic Exploration  –  Reigate, Surrey



Sarah McNeil has given me my lifestyle back again. I was in a lot of pain, not able to sit comfortably or lay down for long.  After two treatments the pain had eased up dramatically.  After four treatments I was back on track, able to sleep, sit and walk properly again.For anybody considering chiropractic treatment I would highly recommend you take the next step and try it.  My results have been amazing.

Norma Ellis  –  Dancing  –  West Sussex



ChiroPractical provides a friendly hassle free environment putting the patient at ease. Sarah provides a clear, detailed assessment of your ailments and talks to you in a real, non-jargon manner to make understanding of your condition easier.  Detailed instructions are given before treatment begins to let you know what is about to happen and exercises provided so you can improve in your own time. I would recommend the services of ChiroPractical.

Rick Cooper, 49  –  Scouting  –  Sales  –  Billingshurst


Over Here for How Those with Back Pain Felt



Sarah’s treatment has made me realise that my problem can be greatly improved; by combining her treatment and advice. I would recommend her to anyone.  I found her to be professional and competent.
She has ‘magic hands’!

Sarah Jackson  –  Administrator  –  Billingshurst



Regular maintenance treatment has enabled me to perform my job with no pain.  Exercises and guidance to keep me feeling fit, and painfree.  I walk a lot and thinking about ‘walking tall’ has really helped.  I suffer headaches and have been given lots of advice.

Sue Clifton  –  Teaching Assistant



After muscle testing and adjustment, the amount of effort to play very fast passages [on my guitar] has been reduced to a level I have not enjoyed for 12 years.  It has made playing so much easier!

Aran Lackey  –  Guitarist  –  Reigate



I have visited Sarah on a number of occasions when I have experienced pain resulting from musculoskeletal problems.  Her examinations, diagnosis and treatments have always resulted in considerable improvements and I would have no hesitation in recommending her to anyone with similar problems.

Angela Lissaman


How Your Neck Pain Could Feel


How Your Shoulder and Arm Pain Could Feel




Coming in to see Sarah is probably one of the best things I’ve ever done.  Being able to stand up straight getting out of bed is just great!

Chris Comber, 35  –  Re-enactments & Bikes (MTB)  –  Redhill, Surrey



I have been suffering with pain in my neck and jaw for 3-4 months and have been needing to take painkillers on a regular basis.  After my first treatment from Sarah I noticed a huge improvement and have not taken any painkillers since that time.  Sarah also gave me exercises to do and the combination of her treatment sessions and the exercises over 2 months has now made me painfree.

Sarah has also been able to rectify my shoulder and back problems.  I have found Sarah to be extremely pleasant and friendly at all times and found her very reassuring.  I would definitely recommend her to anyone, wholeheartedly.

Julia Banks, 60  –  Midwife  –  Billingshurst


How Your Posture Could Make You Feel



I went to Sarah for help with posture and she helped enormously by getting the right muscles to work.  Her professional approach has meant that I feel more confident and my posture has improved greatly.

Alistair Burgess, 50  –  Dorking



I have a physical job and came to see Sarah on the recommendation of one of my own clients.

I have found Sarah’s approach and treatment particularly useful as she has suggested many ways that I could improve my posture and working practices which along with her treatments have made a huge difference to my symptoms.

Graham Wells, 49  –  Farrier  –  Wisborough Green



How Your Leg or Foot Could Feel



After years of struggling with the pain in my son’s feet, hips and back, I finally found Sarah who has been the first to properly listen to my concerns.  She spent time thoroughly examining him and identifying his needs and putting together a treatment plan that showed an impact from the first meeting.  Not only has the customer service been excellent, her level of expertise has been invaluable; as well as practical solutions and exercises to help my son improve.

I would thoroughly recommend ChiroPractical to anyone.

Sam and Thomas Copus