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What Others with Back Pain have Said



How Your Back Pain Could Feel – How others felt before and after visiting                                                                                                  us at ChiroPractical



I’ve been having treatment for 6 years for debilitating back problems.  Due to regular ongoing treatments, I can maintain a good standard of work without time off in severe pain.  I tried other methods of treatment but Chiropractic treatment is better than drugs and other treatments tried.  Thanks!!

Neil Carter  –  Service Engineer  –  Horsham



I came to see Sarah with an intractable back problem.  Prior to this I had medication and Physio but nothing could resolve the issue.  Sarah immediately put her fingers (literally) on the root cause and with a short course of treatment my problem was solved.

Since that time, she has eased various aches and pains for me with massage, manipulation and advice.  I now see her about four times a year on what she calls a maintenance programme.

I have found Sarah to inspire confidence, to be a good listener and an expert practitioner.    I would thoroughly recommend Sarah to all my friends.

Jill Day, 71  –  Retired Educational Consultant  –  Reigate



After my lower back went into spasm a friend recommended I give Sarah a call.  Her treatment has made a tremendous difference – my pain has gone and I’m once again able to ride my bike pain-free.  Regular check-ups are keeping me training and racing successfully – thank you, Sarah!

Matt Andrews   –  Teacher  –  Cyclist



I’ve attended Sarah’s practice since Sept 2013, having suffered chronic flare ups of back pain for 2½ years.  I tried physio and acupuncture before seeing Sarah, but was still overly reliant on painkillers.

With Sarah it’s not just her physical skills and knowledge but she treats the whole person (holistic treatment).  She has empathy, understanding and her warmth and care puts you at ease. Her physical therapies are amazing.

I now am beginning to have a wider range of movement back, using a lot less pain relief and have more confidence.  It’s improved my wellbeing and life so much, I feel like Sarah is slowly giving me life back.  It had so affected my work with special needs children, I had gained weight and had to put my life on hold generally.

I will always have to take care with lifting and repetitive tasks and will carry on seeing Sarah for maintenance.

I would recommend Sarah to anyone suffering and I already have.

Mrs Melanie Brooks, 45  –  Support Staff  –  Surrey



Ms McNeil’s treatments have been 100% beneficial to my health and back recovery.  I have felt instant relief after sessions and found the stretches she recommended were very successful allowing a return to my active exercise and outdoor/social training.  I would absolutely recommend chiropractic treatment.

Helen Duncan  –  Walker and tennis player  –  Mid Sussex



I have been visiting Sarah McNeil and ChiroPractical since the middle of December.  I suffer from low back pain due to right sided scoliosis and arthritis.  But I have noticed a huge difference in my posture and pain levels since starting my treatment.  Also, I am able to walk further than I used to without suffering so much pain.Sarah is brilliant at explaining what she is going to do with the treatment and is also very easy to talk to, very approachable.

Anita Grandfield, 66  –  Dog walking, Reading, Grandchildren, Motorhome  –  Billingshurst



I had a huge amount of pain in my back and could barely walk when Sarah treated me: with two young children to look after I needed to be mobileSarah carried out a thorough examination and was great at explaining my problems.  Within 3 treatments the difference was huge and I was able to enjoy Christmas.

I would highly recommend Sarah to anyone and have done since with those people being just as happy.

Andrea Jupp  –  Accounts Manager



I sought treatment from Sarah for a painful back problem.  She has straightened me out, literally!

I had been a little sceptical about Chiropractic but was desperate! I’ve felt immediate and ongoing relief and the treatment is entirely painless.

I would recommend you come sooner rather than later. I am now continuing with a “maintenance” programme to prevent reoccurrence.

Margaret Lewis, 57  –  School Bursar   –  Pulborough



I was recommended to come and see Sarah after a prolonged period of back pain and discomfort which was having an affect on both my work and leisure time activities.  At work the discomfort was affecting my abilities when lifting and transferring and my hobby of lawn bowls season was greatly reduced due to my inability to bend when “delivering” the bowl.

After my consultation with Sarah we discussed where and why I was experiencing the discomfort and how we could work together to remedy it.  Following Sarah’s treatment and exercise plan I am now looking forward to a full season bowling and working with confidence.

If you are thinking about trying a chiropractor for aches and pains that you may be experiencing, then PLEASE do it, you will be in very safe hands.

J.W. Lucas  –  50+ years young



I have suffered from lower back pain for over 30 years, whilst in a sedentary office job.  However, since retirement the pain seemed to be getting worse and I decided it was time to do something about it.

Sarah was recommended to me, so I made an appointment.  I found Sarah was genuinely interested in my problem and after a few sessions my pain is now only intermittent.  I would highly recommend chiropractic treatment to anyone with a similar problem.

Mrs Rhoda Mitchell, 67  –  Retired



I had a back pain for over a year before going to Sarah for treatment.  This has helped enormously and I am finding that I am now steadily regaining my ability to do the things I have stopped i.e. gardening, walking and general physical activities; all of which I had stopped for fear of being in constant pain.

I would certainly recommend Chiropractic treatment, and Sarah in particular, as a great help/aid in the treatment of any back problem and explanation of what can be going on in one’s back.

MOH  –  Coulsdon



As a busy and active 60 year old, I have had back problems ever since a car accident in my early 20s.  About 10 years ago when suffering acute sciatica, I first consulted a chiropractor.  Having been to several osteopaths and chiropractors, it wasn’t until I met Sarah McNeil (??? years ago) that I felt my problem was being managed properly – acute episodes have decreased significantly in frequency.  She always seems to know where the pain is before I tell her.

When I have presented with an acute problem previous chiropractors have always used manipulation to try and ease the pain.  When I see Sarah with extreme pain (and she always makes herself available when I do) she has rarely used manipulation.  Instead her ‘magic fingers’ massage deeply into the affected area, easing the muscles in spasm.

After the first visit the acute pain is invariably relieved and only when the acute spasm is released does Sarah consider manipulation as a treatment option and this may not be until a future visit, but I know that I will be back to my full-on activities soon.  I do not hesitate in recommending her skills to others.

Claire Pocock  –  Medical Secretary  –  Singer   –  Guildford



Lower back pain, problems turning over in bed!  After Chiro therapy it’s much better and the majority of the pain is gone.  I’ve definitely noticed the difference since my first visit. Very worth it.

Reeta Toora, 42  –  Reigate


I hurt my back in August which got worse each day over the course of a few weeks.  Then the pain became unbearable and I was distressed.  But the doctors only seemed interested in giving me painkillers and no diagnosis.  On my first visit to Sarah she made me feel that somebody (at last) knew what was wrong with my back.  She started treating me immediately.  And on my second visit Sarah had released the trapped nerve.  From then onwards I have started to get back to normal.  I highly recommend Sarah to anyone with a bad back.  Not only is the treatment very effective but the exercises and advice that are given are also very helpful.

Christine Walton  –  Receptionist/Administrator  –  Reigate